BOOOOO… Whoooo… HoOoOo!!

Ireland’s most haunted place? So they say! Loftus Hall, on the Hook Peninsula, is fast becoming an attraction of note. We only had a few minutes to snap away while on our whistle-stop peninsula trip but there are already plans afoot for an extended visit. They say the midnight tours are not for the fainthearted. So… if you’re in the area… do pop in for a look-see. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a spooktacular time, as they say on their website.

You’ve got to wonder… does a spook want to live in a draughty damp room… locked away up there on the top floor? Mind you… those living in the rooms with planked over windows can’t be too charmed either! I’m sure the escaping acoustics will be heard over the roaring Atlantic gales that lash the exposed landscape.

Those two eagles at the top… spelling out regal occupation in times gone by… eerie, to say the least! The gilded lions? I’m not quite sure about them…

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4 Responses to BOOOOO… Whoooo… HoOoOo!!

  1. taphian says:

    a really wonderful place


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Sjoe, dit moet n baie bedonnerde spook wees wat in so nat, donker kasteel ronddwaal!


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