Old Heritage.

This is Ireland. Everything is old. Well, almost everything! The tourism types sell the South East as the Ancient South East. We haven’t lived in the South East for too long but that hasn’t stopped us from exploring… looking about at an area so crammed with history that it is difficult not to see how life and heritage have totally entwined themselves on the psyche of the soul!

These last few days, I’ve shown you some photos taken last Saturday of our dash down to the Hook Lighthouse. Somewhere near Wellingtonbridge we had to make a U-turn… to take photos of the remains of an early Norman settlement at Clonmines… across the more modern last resting place of others. Did I mention life and death were entwined in the heritage of the past?

PS – It was a wet and windy day but somehow the grey adds value. Or, am I selling myself a pile of porkies?

Update: This photo was added to try and answer Hester’s question… a different crop…

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16 Responses to Old Heritage.

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Interessant. Watse versierings is daar op die graf heel regs? – lyk soos ‘n poppie en vrugte of iets.


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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Lyk of die arme dooies maar redelik nat is daar waar hulle le…


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