Rain – Another Photo Essay

I shouldn’t say this… I just know I shouldn’t! We’ve been having a mini heatwave here in Ireland! In sheltered spots I’m sure the temperature would’ve passed 25 Deg C by lunchtime yesterday. So… for me to do another rain related post may seem totally inappropriate but hey, I mentioned a few days ago that I’d show you more rainy photos taken when we went down to the Hook Peninsula a few weeks ago. OK, I’ll begin with a reminder of where we ended that post…

Just after leaving the car park at the Hook Lighthouse we spotted the lad pull up in his van… interesting paint job!

Onward we went… to the next parking spot. We wanted to catch the storm sea and the cliffs…

I couldn’t be bothered to say out too long… rain and cameras aren’t a great mix. However, I caught my good lady returning to the car… a tad wind-blown!

So… you think she’d learn… keep dry? No… window open… taking pictures!

But… alas, we had to up the windows and set sail, figuratively. Onward to new sights.

Fortunately the umbrella kept out most of the damp. You have to agree… Slade Castle had to be photographed… rain or shine! Onward we went… Carnivan Bay was our next stop…

Alas, it was too wet! So… we snapped away from the clifftop…

The rain didn’t relent so… just before turning for hope we snapped a few more boats… through the misty-eyed car glass panes…

We will have to go back… when the sun shines and the wind turns into a wee zephyr! By the way… happy Friday! May the sun shine for you this weekend!

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7 Responses to Rain – Another Photo Essay

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Ons sê mos…moenie slapende honde wakker maak nie…dis nou die blog oor reën,terwyl die son skyn!😂😂


  2. Ek hou van die druppels op die ruite


  3. Toortsie says:

    Pragtige foto’s. ons wêreld hier in die heel suide van Afrika smag na reën.


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