I don’t know why… why would a handful of pebbles fit into the concept of precious? When Ailsa’s weekly challenge arrived I had all sorts of ideas but something reminded me of a conversation with the good lady a few months ago. About pebbles. About my fascination with them and obsession I’ve developed about the genius that is hidden in a handful of pebbles.

This obsession is inherited… from a family member who I’ve mentioned on the odd occasion. My love for nature can be traced back to the time my uncle and aunt invested in my upbringing. They last visited us in June 2014 and it was on one of out trips to a Co Wicklow beach where we noticed my uncle picking up a few pebbles. We spoke about the habit. So, it was an almost natural reaction for me to pick up pebbles. Ever since moving to Wicklow and visiting different beaches I’ve arrived home with a pebble or ten in my pockets.

A few weeks ago the idea for a short story began to create itself in my head…

A Pocket Full of Pebbles…  

When the tale is done I will dedicate it to my uncle… precious memories. Yes!

Just by the way… I have handfuls of pebbles decorating the top of my bedside locker… just because I can!


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7 Responses to Precious

  1. Pat says:

    I have put so many pebbles in my pockets. How precious to have people to nurture us and share the world with us.


  2. taphian says:

    wonderful collection, I love to collect them, too

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  3. Love collecting pebbles from beaches and riversides myself…. for the multitude of colours and textures!!

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  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    🎵Picking up pebbles and throwing
    them into the sea.
    Watching the white surf carry them
    all back to me.
    But now it’s all over
    I’ve grown up it don’t seem the same
    The things in my childhood
    I know were all just a game🎵
    Onthou jy hierdie liedjie van Cornelia (SA sangeres) 1968? Gelukkig het ek nog nie my childhood ontgroei nie en klippies / skulpe / stukkies gekleurde glas uit die see laat my nog steeds bokspring.

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