Order – or, Out of Order?

Do visit Ben’s challenge before you read on. Have a look at his photo… lines and rows of colourful order. But for me to even want to tuck in will be out-of-order! Can’t do sugar… can’t do carbs. But hey, I can make like I enjoy seeing all that temptation! So, what do I show you in the line of order. Or, for that matter… out-of-order?

OK… I’ll rather give you order, only because I don’t often take out-of-order! But what? How about I give you order… man-made order that’s slowly turning to disorder? Stop for a second… try and consider the folk who laid the bricks… to edge the window’s rectangle. Imagine the long process of selecting the correct stones for the wall. All the effort to bring order in the wild land. I always wonder about the dreams of others when I see old ruins. When Ma Nature decides it’s time to overrule man’s attempt at order!

Construction lines… man’s order, man’s attempt at longevity… making order. But, Ma Nature has a way of claiming back her space!

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7 Responses to Order – or, Out of Order?

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  2. Interessant … ek dink nog oor die onderwerp

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