Bumble Collage!

Things just get better here at WP! The weekly challenge has me reveling in the prospect of giving you tiled galleries. Then, Lady Serendipity throws me a special bonus. The daily prompt comes around and lo-and-behold… it gives me the opportunity to throw together a bumble gallery!

Some of you may have noticed my banner photo. It’s stayed with me since the first day of this blog. Yep… the bumble on the butterfly bush! I have often thought of changing it but that would be like chopping the blog’s head off, wouldn’t it? So… in celebration of the identity of my blog… here’s a bumble tiled gallery!!

PS – Happy Friday!!

PPS – The banner photo is the first ever photo I added to my blog’s gallery… believe me, I checked!

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22 Responses to Bumble Collage!

  1. Delightful. Keep bumbling along for many more 🙂

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Excellent collection and great variety!


  3. Pragtig soos altyd!


  4. Very beautiful AJ.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you kindly! Fun to take… fun to post and fun to do a gallery! Best fun though… when you folk enjoy my fun! 😎🍷🌞🐝:-D


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  8. QP and Eye says:

    Great photography and collage. Well done 🙂 Linda


  9. Lovely bumble bee collage! I saw one yesterday, I went to grab my camera and it flew right by me, and away!


  10. Rainee says:



  11. thinkinkadia says:

    You have an eye for the buzzer! Fab pictures


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