Yesterday’s Magic!

Yesterday there was a bit of magic in the air! IA few day’s ago I’d dragged a fishing rod out of the hot-press. Yes… the time had come to get into action. I mean… I’ve committed to some fishing for my 17 for seventeen. Then, hadn’t I better start? The thing is… I haven’t cast a line into the sea since arriving in Ireland… almost 17 years ago. I now have grand-kids asking quite regularly when the rods are going to be used. Yep… they know I’ve got them!

So, the magic? We went down to The Cove… I’d long wanted to cast a line off the short stone pier. That’s just what I did! And so much more! I sat on a flat rock and enjoyed the weather all around. It even spat on me occasionally but I was prepared. The trusted umbrella was there for an emergency! The good lady went off to do a bit of shopping and I manfully carried on!

By the time she returned the clouds had drifted away and we were blessed with warmth on the backs. So, not long after she joined me, we packed up to take a stroll on the almost deserted beach… and then we chased butterflies… within 10 meters of the selfsame beach! You can’t really believe just how these simple moments can invigorate! Unspoilt magic… just because we chose to go down to the beach for a few hours! OH, if you’re wondering… I caught a crab! Whooppee!!

Happy Monday!! May your week begin smoothly and end even smoothly-ier

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11 Responses to Yesterday’s Magic!

  1. Sjoe dis mooi foto’s


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Fantastiese mooi foto’s van die skoenlappers….en natuurlik die krap ook!

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Die sardyne en die elwe lòòp hier op die Suidkus en ek moes vanoggend 7-uur reeds die hengelaars gaan aflaai by Sea Park, want daar is eenvoudig nie parkeerplek nie. Het jy al gesien hoe hang my bek as ek daardie tyd van die oggend moet opstaan vir visserye. Hulle het huis toe gekom met ‘n foto van ‘n klein elfie wat sy bes probeer het om die kamera se lens vol te lê. Jy het darem ‘n bietjie beter gedoen met jou krap.Stunning vlinders wat jy afgeneem het.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Twaalf duim moet daai shad wees!! Ek hoop hulle het nie ge-crook nie!! Ek is iet’s moers trots op my krap! Wie weet… miskien vang ek nooit weer iets nie en dan kan ek vir die res wan my lewe brag oor my krap! 🦀🦀
      Dankie… ek laaik die bottervliege… maar ek dink jy’t dit al agter gekom! 🦋🦋

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  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlik wanneer mens jouself so in die oomblik kan verloor!


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