Shimmer… and Sailing!

The latest daily prompt reminded me of a few photos I took last month. I was sitting at the end of the short rock pier in Arklow Bay, watching all before me. It was cloudy but occasionally the sun burst through. During one such brief interlude I managed to capture a yacht going by. I almost squint, even now, when I look at the photo. The shimmer of the still sea intensified as the clouds parted. Unfortunately the clouds soon hid the rays again… but not after I managed a few photos.

However, the image reminded me of one of the very first LP’s I ever laid my hands on. Well, bought for myself. I’d say that was as far back as 1977. Flip… I’m giving my age away! I’ll leave you with a clip of the song… have a happy week! If you’re enjoying a bank holiday Monday… have fun!

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6 Responses to Shimmer… and Sailing!

  1. N says:

    That’s a breath taking picture!! Oh how I wish I was there..

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  2. Anne J. says:

    Absolutely stunning photograph! Sailing, the song, was a favorite. ☺


  3. Gorgeous picture ❤ I love it! Arklow Bay next to Dublin?


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