Pedestrian – or a Walk on the Wild Side?

I reckon we can potter on through life at a pedestrian snail’s pace of we can live it up a bit. Yep, ultimately the choice is ours! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love peace, quiet and solitude. I love a pedestrian pace ramble through the woods or along the sea-cliff top, however, this week Krista stirred my feet just a tad with her challenge.

Dublin is full of pedestrian only walkways. A few of the bridges that cross the Liffey are built solely for feet. Well, the cyclists should dismount but often they don’t. Rude! Other Dublin walkways attract buskers and street artists so, why don’t I show you a bit of pedestrian action? A bit of city life, walking slightly on the wild side…

OK… you thought you were gonna get away with no music? No way! How could I miss the opportunity to share a bit of Mr Lou Reed’s memory magic?

If you don’t mind a few live bleeps, hunt around for the live 1986 Ritz version… OK, he only bleeps twice in the beginning so… be warned!

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6 Responses to Pedestrian – or a Walk on the Wild Side?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great collection!

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  3. Rainee says:

    Great selection Vossie!


  4. Dublin looks like a lot of fun on the pathways at least.

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