So, I throw surreal at you… your mind instantly lashes off to Dali and Picasso. You can search the big G for other names but when I did, the two mentioned above, popped up on top of the list! So… surreal… an awful mess, some would say. Others may say yes, an awful mess but a well constructed awful mess!

Maybe I should’ve become a surrealist artist… grown an outrageous moustache… a long, greasy pigtail and dressed funny… smoked pot while supping at my red wine all the while dabbing ink or paint splodges on the canvas… or sidewalk… or public toilet wall. Or, wherever!

Surreal… the blurring of fact and fantasy. That’s what I’ve just done in the paragraph above. Messy thoughts and ideas… but oh boy, or oh girl… what fun! So… what do I offer you as a photo? I have a few in mind… some that happened while playing with light images via the camera… some the result of said red wine… without the pot bit, mind you!

Oh, now that you’ve got your mind unscrambled… happy Friday!! May all your weekend plans work out just fine… provided your pay arrived in the bank! OK, so… you’re loaded… do click here to go get my short story collection, please. Surreal suggestion? Maybe… but maybe you’ll just enjoy some of the fruits of my overactive imagination! That, in itself, is a surreal suggestion…

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14 Responses to Surreal…

  1. joanfrankham says:

    Great photos.


  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great surreal gallery


  3. Great collection for the prompt….few are true to the prompt….


  4. Rainee says:

    You did it well Vossie!


  5. Did you take these pictures?


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