A Sneak Peek? Yes – Indeed!

What better opportunity do I get to offer you a sneak peek of my first collection of short stories? I mean… the book is currently available for the princely sum of a whopping 99p! Yes, if you hurry, for the next day or so you can claim your own copy for that low, low price! It equates to about 7.61538p. I fib you not!

But wait, I hear you say… you’ve shown us nothing! Correct… so, here’s a wee snip from the Amazon page… a peek at what mysteries lay in wait!

The Lucky Thirteen – Thirteen short stories that swing from intensely personal to far-flung fantastic. Myth and realism together with the harsh reality of war and greed. 

Thirteen unique and dissimilar tales that asked to be lumped together for just that reason. They’re so different they’re the same, each worth a read!

1 – An Ordinary Man: – An assassination on the anniversary of the end of WW11 sets off events that change history. The truth is only uncovered 150 years later on a remote island in the Atlantic.

2 – Do Nothing: – A young officer new to the operational area comes face to face with the effects of war. The battle hardened sergeant explains what happened.

3 – The Severance Package: – A tale of revenge, loss and fulfilment sparked by a six-word outburst. Changing identities and planning the subsequent escape after the ricin plot is carried out. 

4 – Now, here’s a Thing: – Two mates sitting in the canteen at work dis……..

OK… that’s enough of a peek! Here’s the link… feel free to go read the rest of the blurb. Better still, buy the book… I’m sure you won’t regret spending 99p of your hard-earned whatever’s! Now… what do I give you for a photo?? Let’s have a dig in the folders, maybe I can find a shot of the sun peeking out behind the clouds…

There you go… a peek beneath a mushroom. Why not? I mean… how often have you grovelled so low that you’ve seen the underside of a real live fungi?

Thanks… I just know you’re going to get the book and enjoy the stories! Cheap, cheap… 99p!!

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10 Responses to A Sneak Peek? Yes – Indeed!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wartosciowy artykul, przyjemnie sie czytalo


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  3. Rebel Girl says:

    I love your photo!


  4. galeweithers says:

    This was cute fun read! Loved your sneak peek and will pick up a copy of your book shortly (which by the way retails for US$2.99 aka just as good as a whopping 99p) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rainee says:

    It’s a good read folks!


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