Ophelia – She Came, She Plundered, She Went

Storm Ophelia swept through and across Ireland a few week’s ago, also on a Monday. She was a wild, wet banshee of a howler. Cared little for anything in her way. She stripped trees bare, broke houses and put the power out all over the place. I have a feeling the autumn leaves were desiccated by the wind. Everything seems more dead than usual! Usually there’s autumn colour a this time of the year, now mostly it’s all brown or black, where there are still leaves left on trees.

This top photo was taken a few months ago… the one below taken last Saturday. I have many other photos to show as comparison but let me begin with these two.

Happy Monday! May you have all sorts of success this week. Just a quick reminder, the book is still available for 99p for a day or so… and I’m eagerly awaiting a few questions for my Q&A page…

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3 Responses to Ophelia – She Came, She Plundered, She Went

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Sjoe…soms moet die natuur sy snoeiskêr instuur en dis nie altyd ‘n slegte ding nie.


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Die krag van die natuur is darem ongenaakbaar!


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