This blog’s name came about as a direct result of the family being forced to relocate. Bit of a dirty word in the family! Why? Well, we’ve never been able to buy our own property since our arrival in Ireland in early 2001. So, we’ve been at the mercy of the fickle whims of landlords and the economy.

It was after one of our many moves, in February 2011, that the name of the blog happened. My back was in serious bits… about the only way I could walk was stooped over. So, as we’d moved to an estate house and I was suffering cabin fever, I would load a grandson or two into the buggy and go push them walk-about in the fresh air. The hunched-over posture was perfectly natural and provided me with a cover-up for my badly damaged back! A few week’s after our move the blog was born… what better name than…

Ouch, My Back Hurts? 

Just by the way, I nicknamed the buggy my zimmer. So, just to remind you of those early blogging days… here’s a few snaps taken way back then! When I look back at photos taken way back then I think camera software was purposely written to make digital photos age over time. I mean, these photos were perfectly good and mostly crisp then…

Gosh… I thought I had more pics of the zimmer. Alas, it seems not… so, to add colour, I’ve included the photo that long served as the banner for the blog! See the bee’s back? I wonder if there was a subliminal message hidden in there somewhere?

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2 Responses to Relocate

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Jy’t gerelocate en jou rug het gedislocate. Het die rug darem herstel?

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    • aj vosse says:

      Ja… die ou rug het reggekom… toe trek ons weer maad daai keer was ek slim! Di kinders het al die werk gedoen! Maar… laas jaar het ons kus toe getrek en toe moes ek amper alles weer doen! Weer stukkende rug sindroom gely vir weke!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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