Whoop, whoop… the first challenge of the year has arrived! Growth! Interesting. Why? Well, spring is still a few months away here in the northern hemisphere so, Ma Nature hasn’t quite got into the mood of unfurling her new growth mode. However, as Jen points out, this is a new year… personal growth has had a new beginning. So, I’m going to remind you of a few lines I shared on the first day of the year… aimed at stimulating my personal growth…

This year, God willing, I will do more with less, I will spend more time with family and friends but I will make more time for creativity! 

Creativity will mean sploshing paint onto canvas… developing or improving recipes of dishes I want to share with my family… writing (and completing) many more short stories. The camera will work overtime, as always! However, I want to learn more about photograph and the manipulation of images, to add artistic value! Build a shed… using secondhand material and then experiment with vertical veggie planting in the warmth of the shed!

Enough said! It’s very early in the year but I have begun a brand new short story. I’ve also got a few blank canvases so I can experiment. I need to work out what I want to do on a small-scale before I go wild on the larger scale. Paint plan in place… in my head, that is! Oh, have I mentioned I’m also into my first full week at the new job… growth? Personal growth? That in itself is a full-time project in my life! Time to get cracking, isn’t it!?!?

PS – I’m cheating a tad… yes, this is a 2017 spring photo. Gotta use it… because I like it!

PPS – I could’ve showed you a photo of a blank canvas… however, you may then think I’m blank…

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