Adventure Calls!

So… we’ve all missed Ailsa’s weekly challenges as the good lady hasn’t managed to post any so far this year! Yesterday one arrives in the inbox and to my dismay I realised it was most likely the last travel challenge Ailsa was going to set us! From now on we’ll have to set our own adventure travel challenges!

When I noticed the challenge in the inbox a few different ideas began… until I got home and read the post. Now I know we’re going to be missing Ailsa’s challenges and the friendships we’ve all developed over the years of partaking. However, we’ll just have to keep going at the adventure… so, I’ll show you a photo that many of you will relate to adventure. I’ve been a lifelong Land Rover fan… when I see them my mind is often taken back to Africa and the many, many days of outdoor fun and adventure we experienced in our Landy’s!

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2 Responses to Adventure Calls!

  1. ailsapm says:

    Aww, now you’ve gone and got me all emotional, Vossie, I was trying to keep it together, but then you posted that photo of the Land Rover which reminds me of Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp shuffling off into the sunset. I’ve loved every single minute of our shared adventures through the travel themes, but there are many more ahead of us too, that’s a promise. Big hugs to you. xxx Ailsa


  2. prior.. says:

    nice take on adventure – and I was not able to do the challenge you mentioned (but I know it was a good one) and I hope al is well with her and with those moving forward


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