My Monday Moves…

Story 2 – Do Nothing: – A young officer, new to the operational area, comes face to face with the effects of war. The battle hardened sergeant explains what happened.

Last week I began my Monday Moves series, in an effort to promote my first collection of short stories and leave you with the short synopsis of each of the tales. This week’s snippet brings back memories of a strange kind. Although the story is totally fictitious, it has its roots in my distant past military experience and the often untold miseries resulting in the inhumanity of conflict. At about 1600 words it must be the shortest story in the collection, yet, I feel it has a powerful message.

If you want to look at the brief synopses of the other tales, to get a feel for the contents of the collection, then please click here.

The South African wreath at the 2016 Somme Commemoration at the Irish War Memorial. The SA ribbon and Protea… sombre reminders of a time past… for me… and you… and all of us who must never forget!

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