Tuesday Trees… Snowy

Last Saturday evening we were returning from a quick dash to Belfast in Northern Ireland. We don’t go up North too often so when we do we usually do a detour or two to have a look-see at the surroundings. However, my timing o  this trip wasn’t of the best so I left the good lady to drive the most difficult section of the route in the dark… and then the snow began. Light at first but at times the downpour was epic!

My good lady described it like being sucked into a kaleidoscope… swirling, twirling flakes… light reflecting and dancing off the oft horizontal streams of white. Magic… if you’re not trying to negotiated twisty, turning bends along a minor road! Fun, of the highest order.

I kept the camera clattering away at speed. Manual mode in the pitch black night is fun! OH, if you’re wondering why I wasn’t doing the driving… because my good lady always drives… she claims to get carsick if her mind isn’t kept busy by the act of driving. Now, I offered to take over but my offers were rejected. Let’s just say my good lady thinks that two small bottles of cider are way over the limit… way more than an hour after our meal!

PS – The trees… don’t they just look cool in the snowy darkness?

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7 Responses to Tuesday Trees… Snowy

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Interesting photo AJ.


  2. shutterbug says:

    yes! very cool effect!


  3. Watter puik beskrywing van bestuur-in-sneeu. My kinders en kleinkinders speel te lekker daar!


  4. Rebel Girl says:



  5. prior.. says:

    that is an awesome abstract and zingy photo –


  6. Rainee says:

    Great action shot!


  7. de Wets Wild says:

    Dit klink en lyk uiters gevaarlik!


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