Chasing the Sunset!

Last week, on this day, we were many miles from home. It was a weekend not to forget. It was the first few days the GLW and I were away… alone, together! No children, not grand-kids… no granddad… just the two of us! That meant we could do some of the stupid things we like to do… like case sunsets! So, here are a few of that afternoon’s Donegal specials…

We’ve been forced indoors… Storm Emma and the Beast from the East have mated… and boy oh boy, they’ve produced a spectacular child! Ireland hasn’t seen this much snow in one go in many centuries… if the trusted record-keepers are to be believed! I’m sure I’ll manage a few photos for future use… in the meantime, happy Friday!

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16 Responses to Chasing the Sunset!

  1. Mukhamani says:

    So beautiful


  2. Laurie says:

    Great sunset shots. Enjoyed them very much. You live in a beautiful corner of the world!


  3. iScriblr says:

    Superb shots! 🙂


  4. travel460 says:

    A.J, sneeu dit op die oomblik daar?


  5. HesterLeyNel says:

    Fabulous fotos.


  6. Rebel Girl says:

    Amazing pictures. I love the ones with the grass in them. Glad you enjoyed your day! I was the one who sent the snow your way. 🙂


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