Trikes and Crows – a Study… to Defy All Studies…

Down at a very windswept and cold beach… there is always something to note. Like this poor abandoned kid’s trike. Sad really, to think some kid in a seventh world country would’ve taken himself to school on that… sore posterior and all, yet here in the affluent European north it has become a symbol of excess and waste. Sad… yes, that lil kid with the sore posterior.

Anyway… I liked the lines and shadows… graphic reminisces of shadows of a better time, maybe?

There I sat… admiring the remnants of decayed dreams… when a crow dropped in…

As you know, me… I’m fascinated by their antics. They’re bold… and they show off, usually close enough to get good snaps.  Look-see… lo-and-behold… two crows, one chasing the other because leader had found a morsel of food… most likely some human’s discarded junk food! Soon most of the crows will be suffering angst, bad eyesight, memory loss and T2D… considering all the junk they ingest!

But wait… if you keep looking you’ll be blessed by three…

and even four!

OK… I’ll go away now. Study complete. Well… actually, I got bored counting crows… or maybe I forgot to count… or couldn’t remember. Signs all the junk food has got to my head? So, the moral of this story? Excess isn’t good… for man or beast!

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4 Responses to Trikes and Crows – a Study… to Defy All Studies…

  1. colonialist says:

    The scene tended to crow … er, grow … on you? There must have been some good caws.


  2. ‘n Besonder treffende inskrywing!


  3. perdebytjie says:

    Uitstekende gedagtes. Ons wat heeldag hier met armoede gekonfronteer word, kan sien hoe dekadent die wêreld geword het. Hartseer maar mooi blog, AJ.


  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Dalk net n haastige ouer wat vergeet het om die fietsie in te pak, en nou sit met n huilende kind by die huis?

    Liked by 1 person

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