Friday Fun Frolic

So… every day’s a school day! How many of you thought of skipping the latest daily prompt because you’d never seen the word before? I have to confess, I had to enlighten myself! Here you go…

So… after dragging the challenge back out of the bin, I realised I have a rather good photo to use. Not a cur, I would suggest but rather a fun-loving naughty lad. The colourful blur to the left is his keeper’s dress. She and her family had their hands full with this lad. He didn’t want to stop playing. Full of mischief, he was! No… definitely not a cur… but maybe he has a currish streak!

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3 Responses to Friday Fun Frolic

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    Dogs and their sticks………when will it ever end? Hahahahahah!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    What a great action shot! And thanks for the ‘cur’ definition, i had no idea what it was either – till now of course

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