Memorial Day Monday!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you! If you’d asked me, even six months ago, to do an American holiday post I would’ve asked why? Why? I have no American connection so apart from wishing  my internet pals a good day it would serve no purpose to do a post.

However, today I have reason! In February our son relocated to NY! Yep… and today his mammy, my very own GLW, is helping him celebrate the day, in the very selfsame New Your City! Senior Son and Partner S are hosting her good self for the weekend! Needless to say, the excitement levels have reached manic proportions. The downside? I’m not sleeping that well… keeping contact with the time delay as well as sleeping alone… not really my cup of Americano!

However… I have great Memorial Day news! I’ve dropped the price of The Lucky Thirteen to $0.99 for the weekend! Please tell all your friends… they could do a lot worse that spend a restful day reading short stories! And… as for a famous New York landmark, this is a pic my good lady sent me. Their Saturday lunch spot. Could you get any more famous? Lady Liberty herself!

OK… back to The Lucky Thirteen… do click here to visit the Amazon dot Com site…

get it, you won’t regret it!! PROMISE!!

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3 Responses to Memorial Day Monday!

  1. Die wonderlikste stad om ‘n verjaarsdag in te vier!


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