The Little Things…

I was about to lash into a wonderful Wednesday wildlife post when I realised… today is only Tuesday. So, what do I give you for today? When I’m in any doubt I usually head straight for the most current photo folder and find something of interest… hopefully for you as well. I spotted this pic. I’d taken it for another reason, not really with the intention of blogging it.

You may ask what the reason was… and maybe I should oblige. This little plant goes by the name of self-heal.  Lovely summer dash of colour. I love mauve/ purple/ indigo so I will snap away at any blooms offering up their charm. However, that’s beside the point. I snapped this particular plant because I needed to save its image for posterity. Why?

I had to destroy the plant just minutes later! Mean me. Yep… the lawn needed mowing. I’d long resisted doing the job because the summer blooms and blossoms are so pretty… and invaluable food sources for the bees and butterflies. That meant I was cultivating a mini wildflower meadow… much to the irritation of the neighbours (and my family) who were accusing me of being off the rails. There you have it! If I had my way, this little plant (and all it’s friends) would still be gracing our bit of front lawn.

One day… when I’m really cantankerous and cranky… not to mention a little more eccentric, I will raise a toast to the plants and insects… and with the other hand, a one finger salute… specifically for those who don’t understand the beauty of the little things!

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4 Responses to The Little Things…

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Oh i think you should have left you little meadow!! Download a “managed for wildlife” sign from
    And declare your lawn a wildlife haven!!


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ek stem saam met jou AJ…is ‘n gemanikuurde grasperk werklik beter vir die omgewing, as sulke pragtige natuurlike plante?

    Liked by 1 person

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