Half Year Gone!

We won’t do silent sabbath today… too much has happened in this first half of the year. We’re currently in one of the warmest, driest spells that Ireland has seen in many years. Not long ago we had the heaviest snowfalls ever recorded in Ireland… makes you wonder about global weather patterns doing their own thing… as they have been doing for millennia… what ever man has done or not! So… instead of chattering on… I’ll throw in a gallery of pics posted from January to June… enjoy!

I’ve been greedy… and given you six photos per month… I hope that’s not too greedy!

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13 Responses to Half Year Gone!

  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Lovely photos


  2. Steph says:

    Uitstekend en asemrowend…


  3. seegogga says:

    Staanbdaardie vuurtoring regtug si skeef if verbeel ek my? Die huisie l8njs is tig regop?


  4. perdebytjie says:

    Aaa, pragtige foto’s weereens, AJ!


  5. Rainee says:

    Hope the next half of the year goes well for you Vossey!

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