My Weekly Challenge – H is for Hills, Green Hills!

Ireland has no real mountains, even though many higher points are called mountains. At 1038 meters,  Carrauntoohil is the highest point on the island of Ireland… so, I think there will be many who will agree that we rather have hills. OK, before I get a roasting… hills that are mountains! But… as today’s challenges begins with H, we’ll dedicate it to some of the higher ground I have snapped in Ireland. (No… I haven’t yet seen Carrauntoohil in real life but do click here to read and see more… courtesy of Wiki-P, of course… )

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12 Responses to My Weekly Challenge – H is for Hills, Green Hills!

  1. In Missouri, in the U.S. we have what is called Ozark mountains which are like your hills in the post. When you go to Colorado and along the Pacific North West Coast and especially over to Montana you will see real Mountains and never look at the “mountains” there and many here have never got to see them, you will not see them as anything more than nice hills. Very pretty here though. And we have an eerie National Forest about 20 miles out from my city. I love Ireland and know it is so beautiful. I Love your images here.


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Dis al wat ek mis van die Kaap – die berge. Hier sien ons net berge wanneer ons oor die Drakensvlieg vlieg JHB toe.

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