So Long Meteors…

This is Ireland. Don’t ever dare plan to photograph full-moons rising… or eclipses… or meteor showers. Just don’t! Yes… you can get lucky and spot something of interest but if you don’t have the camera ready it will be gone before you can say meteor.

However, one can always try to snap a meteor… so, we went down to the beach… in the hope of seeing another low riding freight train of an earth-grazer… like we witnessed a week ago when we slept on the beach! We spent a few hours down at the beach… to no avail. The clouds just didn’t allow for anything to happen. I did get some fun snaps though… like this 15 second exposure of the distant Arklow lights… and the good lady adding a bit of character to the snap! As you can see… a sky full of clouds doesn’t really allow for meteor spotting!

Remember… tomorrow at around noon, Nellie’s tale will continue! Make it a date, won’t you?

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16 Responses to So Long Meteors…

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ag sorry maatjie, maar daar sal weer meteoriete oor jou hemelruim beweeg. Ek sien uit na Nellie.

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  2. Toortsie says:

    Ek sien ook uit na Nellie se verhaal.


  3. perdebytjie says:

    Hehe, AJ…ek hou van jou meteorietfoto! Sien uit na Nellie se verhaal.


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