Tuesday Tunes – Free Bird & Cọ

I love music! I have stated somewhere here on OMBH that one of my biggest dreams is to be a late-night rock DJ. That dream lives on and I often think of going the internet radio route. I have made a few enquiries… and who knows, maybe I’ll have a wee show in the not-too-distant-future!

Anyway… I was visiting Uncle Spike’s blog and found his “Tunes I Love” series. The thought dawned… why not a Tuesday Tunes series of my own? Yes, why not? As I mentioned above… I have done a bit of research. I still need to visit one fellow… so, maybe this series will spur me on to go ad do that… and see if I can get my dream progressed into a reality. As part of my research, I asked a few real rock DJ’s… not playlist players, DJ’s… what the first song would be if they could start all over again?

Chris Prior… yes, you South Africans will remember him well… he gave me a few good options. Do click on the link listen to one of The Rock Professor’s podcasts… you’ll be hooked, and subscribe to the weekly show!

Anyway… what will be the first song I’d play on my very first show? I have long dithered on this one. I really can’t decide. One of three. However, all three the songs are by the same band… which makes it rather special in a strange sort of way. The band? No… not one of the super groups you’d be expecting here. No Beatles… or Stones, or Floyd or Led Zep… none of those. I suppose I could choose any three of their songs too but hey, this is gonna be my show so I will select the first song… and hopefully every other song thereafter. Yep, not pre-selected station compilations for me!

OK, ok… I hear you cry… get to the point! Who’s the band and what is the song?? The band is easy… it’s

Lynyrd Skynyrd

but… which of their songs first? It has to be in this order… I’ll play all three as my opening set. So, why don’t I duplicate that set here? Here we go!

Right… I’ll leave you a moment to catch your breath… after this song you may well have a good impression of me as a person…

OK… here’s the last of the three songs… not quite biographical but a great boogie number to get the feet tapping… as if they weren’t already!

Right… now that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this first Tuesday Tunes post… do also go back to that 3 Bob’s post… I did… and enjoyed reading what I had to say way back then. So… this is a photo blog and I need to leave you something to ponder on. Why not a sea view… goes well with my music, the sea!

PS – All the followers of Nellie, remember tomorrow noon, Irish time… for the next episode!

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1 Response to Tuesday Tunes – Free Bird & Cọ

  1. travel460 says:

    Ag, ek hou daarvan as jy oor musiek skryf en videos plaas, AJ!


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