Tuesday Tunes – The Three Bob’s

I’ve been on about the 3 Bob’s for ages. In fact I first posted about the 3 Bob’s on 04 JUN 2012. It was that long ago that I vocalised the idea of being a late-night rock DJ – at least once a week… my own show? I wrote then that I would do a 3 Bob’s feature at least once a month… the set’s playing order would differ… and, I’d have a quiz… simple, the listener who predicts the playing order… just the artists, would be in the draw to win a CD… or, occasionally maybe even one CD of each of the Bob’s!

OK… it’s time to revisit that playlist… and to get it out the way!

Here’s how that first edition may go… in no particular order, (my words in that post… )

  • Against the Wind
  • The Times they are a Changing… or could that be… I Want You
  • Trenchtown Rock…

So… that’s why we’re being blessed by these three greats today! I had to flip a coin… because I couldn’t choose which of the two Dylan songs I wanted to share…

Yep… the times are a-changing all over so his very prophetic words written all those years ago still ring very true! I reckon that’s why they gave the man the Nobel Prize! OK… onto our last Bob for the day! Mr Marley… rocking us out of today’s show!

My collection has grown a small bit… but these old photos are quite representative of the 3 Bob’s music I have. All the Marlay LP’s are from a box-set I treasure… a one in 10 0000 beauty! The collection contains all the LP’s Marley made while he was alive… really something to treasure.

PS – Remember… tomorrow noon, Irish time… the next instalment of Nellie’s escapades…

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – The Three Bob’s

  1. Bob Marley is one of my eternal favourites!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Bob Marley… he found us… a bunch of just 20’s… on the beaches of the Eastern Cape in South Africa… many a party was had to the soundtrack of his vibe!! 😉

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