Tuesday Tunes – I’m a Supertramp!

Way back in the mid seventies, I discovered Supertramp… or maybe, they thrust themselves upon me! I had school mates who had their own den, which they had built into the basement of their parent’s house. It was a place of discovery for me. It was here that I found out about Supertramp! (And a few other bands…) It was also here that I learned how smoked snoek** was prepared.

As time went on we went our separate ways… the lads went off to the navy, I chose the air force… or, did the air force choose me? Doing an apprenticeship meant one thing… money was in very short supply. However, I was already a bit of a free soul then… so, I used to save up my holidays and hard-earned pennies… and come December times, summer holidays in the southern hemisphere, I would throw a few belongings in my backpack and hang my hitching thumb out along the highways and byways of South Africa. Many a mile at little cost! (Story for another day… )

What has this to do with Supertramp, the band? Lots… I have always stated that I want to become a professional beach-bum… a super-tramp! So… with that in mind, I’d embroidered, in large purple (on an orange backpack) letters…


Below this, in much smaller letters –

Follow Me, I’m Lost!

So… Supertramp, the band… was the inspiration for me. Yes, today I still hope to become a super-tramp… and if I eventually make my dream come true as a storyteller/ writer then you can bet I’ll paint, in purple, the words “I’m a Supertramp” somewhere on the rear-end of the vehicle. I really hope you enjoy today’s music… and sharing some of my memories. This last song… I love it! I love long songs… story songs, something that has a bit of meaning!

**Snoek – a pelagic Southern Atlantic fish – we used to go out deep-sea fishing in search of these beauties. Great for braais… great as a smoked dish… warm with white wine… cold with red?

PS – Why don’t you do yourself a favour… watch the whole Paris concert! I have owned a copy of this LP ever since it arrived on the record store shelves… stunning!

PPS – I could do a two-hour Supertramp show and still have difficulty selecting which songs to play or not play… so, imagine only choosing three.

PPPS – Yes, I know that’s true for almost all the past masters… but for me, Supertramp will always have a special place!

PPPPS – Pity I don’t have any photos from those days… I’ll just leave you footprints on the beach…

PPPPPS – As you know… every self-respecting beach-bum cum super-tramp must have their own rock radio show!

Footprints… proof that the past did exist!

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4 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – I’m a Supertramp!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Lekker kykie in jou verlede…beach bum met oranje overall…haha!


  2. nesfelicio says:

    I like Supertramp. Breakfast in America (LP) is part of my regular playlist. Got to get hold of that Paris LP…

    Liked by 1 person

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