My Weekly Challenge – Q is for Quirky and Quaint… Along Dublin’s Quays!

So… I bet, last week, you thought to yourself… I wonder how he’ll deal with the letter Q? Easy! You see… I have an eye for the quint and quirky… but, to my rescue came Dublin’s most endearing and famous geographical feature. Well, the River Liffey is the feature but man built quays all along the banks… to keep the town from falling into the water. So… many of the quays have grown up with the city but they also provide many photo opportunities… if you’re in the mood for a meander along the the river banks. I’ve thrown together a gallery… each and every photo’s caption contains the word quay! Promise!

PS – Just in case you’re still wondering… I actually have a “quay” tag too!


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2 Responses to My Weekly Challenge – Q is for Quirky and Quaint… Along Dublin’s Quays!

  1. travel460 says:

    Alweer ń klomp pragtige fotos bymekaar, AJ.

    Liked by 1 person

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