Being Bunkered – Getting into the Swing of Things!

This is one of the most up to the moment apt sports posts I can do! The Ryder Cup is in full swing… today being the middle day of play… go Europe, GO!! These days, I don’t really watch much golf… there are reasons… one being Father Time once saying to me… sonny… it’s either cricket or golf, not both! So… I’ll throw an eye over a few of the Majors and the Sun City tournament… and every two years, the Ryder Cup! Go Europe… GO!! Play like you did in yesterday’s afternoon session… GO!!

OK… the other day I was walking along… minding my own business… as I always do… when I heard the festive banter from the direction of the golf links. Luckily I got a shot of this lad playing his approach shot. He was already flirting with bunker trouble but for now… he’s doing OK. So… off he strides… to go and find his ball

Keep your eye on the lad… he’s obviously knocked his ball into the bunker… beneath the lip. One word for the next shot… awkward! So… on bended knee is about the only option left for our intrepid swinger… 

See the flag? Yep… that’s how close he was! (Spot the ball… the white spot at his right foot… ) Right… now it all starts going downward… literally! 

Spot the ball… and the perfect rolling motion… no… not the ball’s rolling motion!

Going down… way down – gracefully! 

So… how far still to go? Right down to the very bottom… always keeping an eye on the ball… 

However… all’s well that ends well, or something like that. I believe this fella was actually giving lessons… how to recover without as much as a blush… look, there he goes… up and about, ready for his next shot… after finding where his ball actually went! 

You’ll have to agree with me… not often in one’s life does Lady Serendipity throw you such a juicy bone… a whole sequence… and almost perfectly in focus! This time the lens played along just fine! If you’re watching the Ryder Cup… enjoy! And… just in case you’re wondering… go, Europe, GO!!!

PS – Apologies my US of A friends… this is only a biannual craziness that overcomes me… all the other times we can draw… or tie… or be equal.

Mmmm… did I say go, Europe… GO!!

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6 Responses to Being Bunkered – Getting into the Swing of Things!

  1. Anonymous says:

    agter mekaar toe onnerstebo


  2. Rainee says:

    You caught some great candid images there! Did the golfer know he was the subject? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. nesfelicio says:

    This is called a “down and up.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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