Tuesday Tunes – The Who, Clapton, the Thin White Duke…

Well, Supertramp… The Who, Clapton, the Thin White Duke…

That’s the line from the 3 Bob’s – the original driver for the Tuesday Tunes posts. So, we’ve done Supertramp already… now, let’s get going with The Who. I wasn’t really a big fan but who didn’t know Tommy? The Who started the rock concert revolution and soon the movie appeared… with Sir Elton doing what he did best… well, in those days he still did proper rock!

Right… now it’s the turn of EC! Today I’ll only leave you with one Clapton song but be sure… there will be a few more occasions when Uncle Eric’s music features. It is difficult enough to select a song so I closed my eyes and said Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… to determine today’s EC song! This is a 2015 live recording… Mr Slow Hand sure hasn’t lost any of his style or flair – or class! (We’ll call this the long song for the week!)

OK… I didn’t have to think very hard when it came to selecting the David Bowie song for this post. I’m sure you’ll agree with me… say David Bowie and this song surfaces almost instantly! (I’ve included the original Bowie version… because in my eyes, it’s still the best!)

Right… that was a slightly different approach today… not one artist but rather three greats! There will be much more of their music in the future… of that you can be very sure!

PS – Remember – Nellie calls around again tomorrow noon, Irish time…

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4 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – The Who, Clapton, the Thin White Duke…

  1. lekkervurig says:

    Whoohoo. Three classic favourites.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. krcc says:

    poster worthy photo!


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