Look Up! Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

When seeing Murtagh’s Meadow’s take on this week’s challenge it reminded me of some the up-shot photos I have taken in the past while. Spring and summer this year have been great for blue sky photos… so, as per usual… I’ll throw together a happy gallery! But… before I do that I must first share a tale about the Sistine Chapel. Do go and have a look at Patti’s post… look at her fantastic inspiration for this week’s challenge, you’ll understand why I was reminded of the tale I’m about to share.

Some years ago, we were privileged enough to visit Rome. Seeing Michelangelo’s work was, for me, a dream come true. Read an old post here and you’ll understand. During our visit we crammed in everything a tourist will do. Apart from one little detail, we saw a few places in the standard way. Yes, yours truly doesn’t always conform to tradition… or rules!

We followed the guide into the Chapel… obediently doing the sheep-flocking thing! The only problem… I wanted to see Michelangelo’s ceiling masterpiece properly. So, I got down on the floor and lay flat on my back! Yes, I did!

My good lady was quick to point out that I was committing a heinous offence! Get up, I was told! The looks on some of the faces… almost better than the art! Someone pointed to the “No Photography” signs… mmmmm… yes, I was laying flat on my back… and taking photos! Yes, I promise! Anyway… I was soon told that it is disrespectful to lay on a church floor! No, said I… I’m a protestant… we can even crawl on the floor… it’s OK! Anyway… we have long lost the photos… an ancient PC’s hard-drive took them to cyber heaven… or cyber hell? So… back to the gallery I promised! Just look up… wherever you are… there’s a good chance you’ll see some beauty about you!

PS – Remember… Nellie will visit again at noon… Irish time!

PPS – Happy Hump Day!

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21 Responses to Look Up! Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

  1. Leya says:

    A lovely gallery! My favorites are the trees.

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Thanks for pingback! Some great blue skies and memories of summer past!!

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  3. forthemo says:

    (EN) You must truly love the perspective from the ground😉 (I remember the camera placed on the ground to take a picture of a pigeon).Nice post Aj😊
    (IT) Devi davvero amare la prospettiva da terra😉( mi ricordo la macchina fotografica piazzata a terra per scattare la foto al piccione).Bel post Aj😊

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  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    Mooi fotos. Ek het as kind baie keer onder die kerkbank ingekruip en die hele diens deurgeslaap. Ek dink my ma en pa was so dankbaar dat ek net stil was … Maar ek het darem nie fotos geneem nie! 😲 Ek kyk uit vir Nellie.

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  5. This is a lovely gallery.

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  6. Tina Schell says:

    Terrific choices, especially love the last. And your Cistine chapel story 😊

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  7. Prior... says:

    Happy hump day to you too and I like all of the photos – and I can imagine you lying down getting the Michaelangelo shots…. too bad they were lost –

    Liked by 2 people

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