Windows – Lens-Artist Photo Challenge

Someone once said – your eyes are the windows to your soul. Many say so-and-so said so, apparently even Shakespeare said so. It matters little for this week’s challenge as asked for windows… not eyes! However… I enjoy taking window reflection shots… so, you may even spot vague glimpses of me in this gallery. Now… I don’t think you’ll be able to look me in the eye… unless my camera has become the window to my soul! OK… I’ll move on… and leave you with a gallery of bright glass reflections… and the odd view through the window

PS – Should you hover over the photos you’ll get the original captions…

PPS – Happy Monday – remember… don’t set the week’s goals to high – that only causes stress!

PPPS – Nellie will be taking a break this Wednesday – she’s travelling – business is calling

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6 Responses to Windows – Lens-Artist Photo Challenge

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great windows!


  2. Prior... says:

    the variety is great and I like how you added comments when you click on the pics –
    this was enjoyable and I have a few more to peruse later –

    Liked by 1 person

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