Tuesday Tunes – Eclectic – The Feat, Lee Clayton and Shawn of the Phillips

Yep… today you get a bit of a mouthful. I was supposed to give you new music but as they say in the classics… this is my show, so I’ll go with my flow! Why this collection? Easy… I got carried away on Sunday. After going for a long, brain unscrambling walk, I thought good of it to listen to vinyl. Moody music? No… mellow is more like it! Why this particular selection? Why brain de-cluttering?

Short story long. Some of you may know that an ever worsening neck injury has made my life a tad difficult… to the extent that I was forced to stop working. That’s all good in some ways… it allows me more family time… more beach time… more writing time… more blogging interaction and even more music enjoyment. However… sometimes the brain just wants to do what it wants to do and the constraints of circumstance force introspection. That’s a whole mouthful… all to say the muse seems to have gone off to the pub… bored stiff with my company. So… why not dig in the cellar, as Chris Prior would say… dig out the real old stuff… soothe the soul! OK… why not begin slow… with a bit of Old Folks’ Boogie…

That sweet enough for you? The real Little Feat… with the greats doing it as cool as you can get. Be sure you’re gonna get more Feat out of me in the future… a lot more! Grand… what was the next 12″ to land on the turntable?? A fellow that was almost never heard on radio. Shameful really. I often think back at how we learned of new artists. Remember, no social media then so if radio didn’t play the artist… how did you find out about them? Word of mouth and good record stores. I think Lee Clayton fitted into the late-night beach bonfire category…

I really couldn’t decide which song off Naked Child to play so it was a close the eyes and poke the finger at the LP cover. Bit of a left-field but in those happy days this was the way we grooved…

Now I’m going even deeper… into the realms of the forgotten. Shawn Phillips. He was a cult figure. For us, he was the ultimate in class and suave cool! Imagine… the black cape… the long hair… the 12 string guitar… imagine!

I trust you are now sufficiently chilled. Good… then I’ve done my job for this week! Yep… sometimes rock can mellow down and it will do us good!

Right… I owe you a long song for the session… so, because I can do as I please, I’m closing out with more Little Feat… from their seminal live double, Waiting for Columbus… here’s track one side three… yes, in those days you used to know the running order…

Phlip… sorry it cut off so suddenly… there’s only one remedy… go get the whole double… on 12″ black or CD… just get it!

PS – You know what? After doing all the listening… and preparing this post… My neck still hurt but I felt better!

Here’s a photo I took while out walking on Sunday… apt, I think…

PS – I mentioned writing earlier… you can get my first collection of short stories, The Lucky Thirteen, or sample one story… The Old Man and the Fish… the links are both in the right hand widget bar. Thanks!

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