Wednesday Wisdom – Blogging Sucks… or, Does It?

As mentioned in yesterday’s post… the muse pushed off to the pub… without inviting me to join. Now, here I sit… wondering what to do next? I think I’m simply trying too hard. I’ve been doing a daily post since March 2011… WordPress stats tells me I’ve done 2788 posts, that’s including today’s. I’ve tried various ways of promoting my short stories… with very little success. Thanks to the bloggers who have acquired, read and review The Lucky Thirteen... I will always be grateful for your support, here and on the other platforms.

However, I am staring blog oblivion in the face… shall we coin a new term, if it isn’t already out there… blog-a-blivion… got a ring to it, don’t you think? You see… there I go again, trying to solicit interaction. OK… back to the blogging. If I spend just half an hour per day preparing my daily posts then I’ve spent about 60 days of my life blogging… well, the prep part of blogging, not to mention the interaction part. Mmmm, makes one wonder, does it not?

Now… I do really get enjoyment out of my blogging and the interaction with others out there in the virtual world but the nagging question always remains… why has my blog never seemed to grow? Why does this very personal platform of mine not bring more rewards? Why am I not managing to use social media to generate more book sales? What am I doing wrong or dare I ask, does my blog suck?

I want to take a step back… for a short while at least but I don’t want to let slip on my daily posts… I sort of have this thing about getting to ten years’ daily posts but it will be meaningless if my blog sucks… or bores the shite out of you after a few visits. OK… time for me to give you a pic for the day… why not a ship for a change?? I’ve going through my photo storage… cleaning up to make more space on the external drives… and in the process I realised just how many ship photos I have… here’s one of the many!

A few of the old-times gracing Dublin’s River Liffey… Tall Ships 2012 – that long ago!

PS – Remember… there will be no Nellie today… she’s run off with the muse

PPS – Happy Hump Day!

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16 Responses to Wednesday Wisdom – Blogging Sucks… or, Does It?

  1. Olá from sunny Portugal! I’ve been blogging since about 2010 and it’s hard work. I gave up for a couple of years in favour of joining a writing forum and after 5 years hard slog I am now co-owner. But with over 1.5 mil page views a months it’s a WTF? moment and should we monetize. Now back to my blog. I was surprised after a two year hiatu (bar one or two posts) to find WP had stopped ALL their community challenges and even freshly pressed. What a shame!

    Now to your blog. I note you don’t have your own domain name

    this is a MUST.

    I am also considering
    another useful article
    You can then get some decent plugins.

    I am research this at the moment.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Greetings Piglet!!!!!!!!! Long time no speak!
      I remember you well and I will call around to your blog and other page soon!
      I have long being considering monetising/ own domain name… long! I just don’t want my blog to turn OTT yuck… like so many out there! Please share your other site’s link… 1.5 Million/ month!! WOW!! That could do the soul just well… if it’s done well!!
      Thanks a million for your input… I will take it all to heart and take up your challenge and do research! Anyway… Portugal will always remain a dream for me!! Who know… the Algarve or the Alentago may one day become a reality!! 😉
      Talk later!! Thanks again for your well overdue return!! 🙂

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      • HaHA… I am having a blog spring clean and going through my old blogroll to check who’s still blogging and you popped up 🙂 It’s amazing how many blogging buddies have moved on.
        My blog needs a facelift. Yours looks fine to me 🙂
        A tip someone passed onto me is set up and instagram account. I have, but not got a clue what I am doing LoL so it would be like the blind leading the blind.

        We are on the western algarve on the west coast…stunning! Save your pennies and retire 🙂

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Your Blog is great, i love your photos and ‘words of wisdom’. I think blogging is such an individual thing, there are no rights and wrongs. I know that this year I just haven’t time to do as many posts as i would like but i try not put pressure on myself. One way i look at is is that my photos would just sit in my google album, at least by blogging a few more people get to appreciate mother Nature’s wonders.


  3. banactee says:

    I make regular breaks without publishing because real life does take place somewhere else. I do not want to enforce matters cause otherwise it is no longer a subject of pleasure.

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  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    Niks Nellie nie? 😕 Jy is fluks; ek sal nooit elke dag kan blog nie. Die A to Z uitdagings het my in die eerste jaar al genees van daai neiging. Ek gebruik my blog as ‘n geselsplatform, want hier kan ek meer sê as op Facebook en die geselskap is meer intiem, persoonlik.
    Ns. Dis vir my opmerklik hoeveel Afrikaanse kommentaar deesdae in jou blogpos verskyn. Dit beteken dat jou mark dalk in ‘n ander rigting groei!


  5. April 2016 het ek dertig dae lank elke dag iets gepos en ek was VODDE! Haal my hoed vir jou af, g’n wonder die muse is uitgeput nie…


  6. Stokperdjies is nie veronderstel om na werk te voel nie – raak rustig, AJ!

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  7. perdebytjie says:

    Ek kyk nooit na my blogstatistieke nie. Ek weet nie eers hoeveel blogs ek al gepos het of hoeveel besoeke ek gehad het nie. Ek dink dit kan mens tot raserny dryf. Doen net jou blogs omdat jy dit geniet. Daar is soveel leesstof daarbuite, dat joune maar net deel word van ‘n klein spikkeltjie in die heelal. Ek geniet jou blogs baie en sal lank kuier op jou spikkeltjie.

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  8. Toortsie says:

    Ons bloggers kry maar ons afdae, maar dit beteken nie ons blogs is vrot nie, of ek hoop nie so nie! Ek probeer ook daagliks skryf en iets publiseer, en hou nogals baie daarvan om vooruit te skryf en te skeduleer. As daar egter die dag niks is om te skryf nie, skryf ek niks. Ons jan nie skryfwerk dwing nie. My mikpunt elke jaar is om die vorige beste jaartelling te klop. Sons gebeur dit, soms nie. En eintlik kan jy nie veel daaraan doen nie. Moenie ophou nie. Neem eerder blogverlof.

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  9. Rainee says:

    Keep blogging Vossie! Sometimes when I have an extra busy day I delete some blog posts that I don’t seem to have time to read but I don’t delete yours. I think you do the interaction with others so well!

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  10. krcc says:

    Wow, blogging daily since 2011?! Yowzers, that’s a lotta writing! Do you use social media? For myself, I just share it with my friends around the world via email. Considering that you’ve got over 1,000 followers, you’re doing a great job. Keep up the writing and congrats on having written books too.


  11. I can totally relate on the blog-a-blivian — it’s hard out here for writers!! Keep your head up.

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