My Weekly Challenge – S is for SNOW!

Something we don’t have here too often so it is usually a bit of a treat. Note… I say a bit! Then, earlier this year we had one of those one in a 300 year events… and boy, oh boy, did it show! It was so bad that we couldn’t get out of the house… or go to work, sad! Right, I’ll leave you with a snow gallery… taken years to accumulate! (Hover over the individual photos for the captions… )

Yes, that’s yours truly doing the Christmas roasts – on the braai – my tradition, can’t be broken!

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28 Responses to My Weekly Challenge – S is for SNOW!

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  2. Agreed! The braai tradition must never be broken!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great reminder of the snow! Wonder what is in store for us this winter??

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… yes, Ophelia hit us about a year ago. That was the beginning of strange weather happenings. Now, tonight’s storm sweeps by… with wind speeds comparable to Ophelia! Yes… just what has Ma Nature in store this winter??😲🤔😜

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  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    Dis ‘n mooie versameling fotos.

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  5. I love the little bird tracks image.

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  6. Toortsie says:

    Die mooiste foto’s.

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  7. perdebytjie says:

    Nellie het nie gister verskyn nie! Het sy vasgesneeu iewers?

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  8. perdebytjie says:

    Dis die pragtigste foto’s, AJ! As ek egter dink aan die koue, dan kan jy die sneeu maar vir jouself hou, dankie. Ek is mal oor die foto van die mal man wat vleis braai…lol!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie… ja… ek stem saam oor die sneew… ek is self nie mal oor die nat koue nie!! En as die goed smeld… wat ‘n gemors!! 😉
      Ja… laas jaar het daai einste man pap sop nat gereën… en dit was net om die party tent op te slaan om onder te braai!! Miskien raak ek nou te oud vir die pret!! 😁😂

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  9. travel460 says:

    En ek was sowaar nog nooit in sneeu nie.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Daar is baie wat sal sê jy mis niks nie! 😉
      Ek het in SA ‘n hele paar keer sneew beleef, in die Wes Kaap as ‘n kind en toe in my vlieg dae in die Oos Kaap en KZN…

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  10. de Wets Wild says:

    Kla jy oif brag jy, AJ!? Vir iemand wat dit glad nie gewoond is nie lyk die sneeu na groot pret, en as dit keer dat mens moet gaan werk is dit nog n pluspunt!

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