Tuesday Tunes – New Blues Rock – Joanne Shaw Taylor

OK, here I go again. If it weren’t for Chris Prior, the Rock Professor, I most likely wouldn’t have known about this lady. She’s one of the new breed of blues rock singer-songwriter-guitarists who are enthralling the masses.

Well, those who appreciate real music, not pop shite! What makes her more special is that she’s from the UK… really keeping the blues alive for a new generation right here. (Now, I must say… I’m a bit miffed with the lady… and I’ve let her know this. She’s currently on a tour of the UK and select European stops… Ireland not being on the current list! I hope my pleas on Twitter will rectify the matter!)

I hope you’re suitably energised now… because I’m going to leave you with one of my favourites… this lady rocks, that’s for sure!

Right… there you have it! All souped-up and ready to rock! I’ll leave you with a restful beach scene… just because I can!

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5 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – New Blues Rock – Joanne Shaw Taylor

  1. lekkervurig says:

    Whoo, you gave us a great wake-up call this morning, AJ. Thank you JST has what it takes. Lovvvvvve the second song and her guitar sound reminds me of Mark Knopfler. Masterful.

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  2. Prior... says:

    Joanne Shaw Taylor has a great voice and cool sound to her music.
    thanks for sharing this –

    my husband’s name is Chris Prior and he likes to rock – been playing guitar since he was 12 and other instruments since he was five. So I was like “Chris Prior The Rock Professor” – could it by my man?
    Turns out, no – but he does have a site called “The Optimized Life” for health stuff.

    my Chris Prior has said a few times this year that rock is an endangered genre. I think these two Chris Prior’s have lots in common.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Gosh! We’ve been blessed if we have two CP’s that love great music! I basically grew up with Chris Prior’s music… and was so happy to rediscover him a few years ago! I have many a podcast – so, my education keeps going! I told a little more in a previous Tuesday Tunes post… he is a legend in South Africa…
      I will have a look at your CP’s site! I’m fully into #LCHF so we’ll most likely sing from the same rock song there too! 🙂

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      • Prior... says:

        well after I listened to some of your Chris Prior’s music I think our two dudes will vary –
        my hubs likes Dream Theatre a lot – do you like them?


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