Tuesday Tunes – Ian of the J-Tull!

I’ve got the Tull going around and around in my skull! 

that is indeed so… with Ian, things can never be dull

then, there’s this particular conundrum that I over mull

why on earth are these Tull tunes going round in my skull?

OK… poor poetry… and great music! This first Jethro Tull song is the cause of this particular Tuesday Tunes theme. Inside has been going around in my head for quite a while. Then… just when it drifts out I hear it in the car… on a Chris Prior podcast. I don’t purposely select the specific episode… it just happens… then I have it banging on in my skull… again!

Now, I have to confess… I don’t really mind being reminded! Cool, to say the least. Mostly J-Tull reminds me of beach parties… and the odd short-lived romance… and the odd bit of pot… no… watching others at it! Promise. OK, I’ll confess… I had the habit of drinking Here XVII from the bottle… carrying my stash around with me. (Then, for special occasions… like my birthday… I would substitute the second bottle of bubbly with my chosen bevvy of pleasure… Chivas straight out of the bottle! OK… now I’ve been far too autobiographical… even for my own liking!)

Right – back to the music. This one is for my good lady…

Now… before you think of all the decadent pastime endeavours I mentioned above, J-Tull has another set of fond memories for this family. I had the habit of buying a CD or two when we flew out of Dublin International on our occasional European breaks, while the boys were still at school. One CD that got onto a flight was a double J-Tull best of compilation. For some or other reason this song grew on the boys… so, whenever I hear it I think of Italian countryside drives… and boys in the backseat… squabbling!

NO… I’m not going to do that other song that upset the conservative lot so much. I’m rather going to share a fully autobiographical take on things! Let’s hope we never become too old to R&R!! I think a live, longish version should do just fine!

There are so many more I can play but maybe you can indulge yourself and go hunting for your own memories.  So… as I’ve mentioned beach parties… why don’t I leave you with a sight of the sea? To sooth the eyes while the music soothes the soul!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – Ian of the J-Tull!

  1. lekkervurig says:

    You have reminded me of times gone by. The Whistler, I am earwormed for the day, in the nicest way! Dankie en groete, AJ!

    Liked by 1 person

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