Friday Feathers – Crows… Rooks or Ravens?

Rainee asked a question the other day… if we have all-black crows here in Ireland. Yes… we have mostly black members of the crow family. On Wednesday, I featured a hooded crow… so, just for Friday fun… here’s a rook… as they seemed to be called. Yep, he/she/ it… is a crow… but, a rook or… maybe even a raven?

I have mentioned before… I enjoy taking photos of crows… because they are so bold. Often, one doesn’t even need the zoom lens… they will come so close and get up to all sorts of tricks… posers, real posers!

They like strutting their stuff… and, taking a long-shot guess at the bill shape and colour… the bird we have in these two pics has to be a raven? Mind you… seems our bird has road-sense too… staying between the lines!

So… it’s happy Friday! I hope you have a great day… and that the week’s stress hasn’t got you too worn out! Enjoy the weekend!

PS – Now that we’ve seen a hooded crow and a raven all in one week, I had better make a plan to show you a rook next week some time! Promise!

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4 Responses to Friday Feathers – Crows… Rooks or Ravens?

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Lyk na ‘n parmantige knaap!


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Daardie snawel lyk gevaarlik!

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