CFFC – Close Up… and Personal?

I have many macro photos that could’ve worked well for this challenge… but, as those who know me will testify, I occasionally like being different… yes, just occasionally! Some may even say difficult… not different! Well, I can counter… I’ve earned the right! Why? Because I say so…

Anyway, it has been entrusted on me to partake in my grandkids’ cultural enrichment… so, when it’s our days to do the looking after, I take my job very seriously. I have taken it upon myself to share some of my childhood memories… no longer in print form, rather via the audio-visual medium. So, there I sit… often with a three and four-year old draped over me… or close up… and personal, while we share the enriching experience!

PS – Makes me wonder… how will they use technology to continue the tradition… with their grandkids’?

PPS – Oh well, tis happy Friday… again! As always… remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t do!

PPPS – Beware… Santi is busy revving up that sled thingy of his… you’re better be good!

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3 Responses to CFFC – Close Up… and Personal?

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  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Such a great photo for this week. Great idea 😀

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