Mono Monday – Crossing the Line?

Baby it’s NOT cold outside! Promise… in fact, it’s Baltic! Or… Arctic… or could I now be in trouble for using old (read Eurocentric…) terms to describe a feeling? Seems, these days the PC correct social warriors are wrecking everything. So, am I crossing the line by suggesting I’ll be posting a black and white photo?

OK… now you can call me all sorts of nasty names… but, why don’t I stir the pot even further by suggesting that colour is also good? And… throw the debate wide open by allowing choice… yes, to speak your own mind on the matter… and not be cowed into suppressing your opinion. Friesian cows anyone?

Ah well… ’tis Monday again… yes, again! However, if Monday’s get you in the wrong frame of mind then you can console yourself… after this one there are only three more to bug you in 2018. On the other hand… if you embrace excitement and happiness… then Monday’s are great! Yep… the first day of the new week… new challenges, new surprises… and hopefully, old familiar season’s songs!

About aj vosse

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2 Responses to Mono Monday – Crossing the Line?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Well said!


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