Tuesday’s Terrible TUNE!

I tell you what… the social warriors are really tearing into sense and sensibility. Since when can you demand that one word in a song force the banning of said song? Where is good old common sense in all of this? Where is the spirit of acceptance and tolerance that has for so long signified the secular side of non-believing Christmas?

Here in the western world we don’t all claim to be believers… but for Pete’s sake… we’re not living in a Marxist state where everything needs to be banned! The only problem here… the PC correct police and their bleeding heart causes are so totalitarian that they now feel it necessary to pee on the vast majority’s parade… to gain what? One or two thousand votes… or likes on social media?

What happened to freedom of expression and literary licence? Me… I’m wondering how long it will take before the lot of knob-heads begin burning books… and locking up people who differ? But… I’m not going to dither any longer… I’m going to share the GREAT song!

I didn’t know the song until I heard it during our first Christmas season in Ireland. It is a song that has such special meaning for so many people. It is also a song that touches chords… and is not a soppy festive song! I usually don’t like all the excesses of the festive season… including the incessant soundtrack than goes with it these days… but this song is in a league of its own… until the PC police decided it needed banning!

PS – I think the smoking in the clip is more offensive… after-all… smoking is harmful and shouldn’t be permitted in public spaces… so, who cares? Go with the flow… it’s supposed to be the season to be jolly… not in your face painful!

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10 Responses to Tuesday’s Terrible TUNE!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    I like the song and why am I suddenly reminded of the old South African Sensor Board in the Apartheids era – that bunch of dirty old men who watched every single movie, enjoying all the dirty sex scenes, and then proceeded to cut up the film to such an extent that the remaining pieces of film made no sense. All for the “good of the people”, of course. Fat lot of good it did in this country – the rape ’em and kill ’em capital of the world.

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  2. Oh, for heaven’s sake. It could have been arsehole, it could have been slut. It could even be Christmas Day (in stead of “holiday”) that causes offence! Do these people have no understanding of context? No sensibility for the foul language used in a fight between lovers? This is a bloody good song. Keep sharing and singing it! What on earth next?

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    • aj vosse says:

      Touché!! A stunning song so let’s celebrate it!
      Just by the way… because of the extra publicity it seems to be heading for the Christmas #1!!


  3. Why do they want to ban this song?

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