Thursday Doors – The Protector!

How’s this for a bit of wall art? How’s this for a door protector? I spotted and snapped this rather pleasant piece of “graffiti” down at the Arklow Community Centre. The external walls are the canvas for local street artists to enliven. The vista changes about once a year or so… I think. Some of the works are not my cup of coffee… too OTT with no apparent meaning… apart from maybe causing brashness eyesore. However, seductive pieces like this make one stop… and look… again. And wonder… and add an interpretation… whatever!

That door is safe… or what?!

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6 Responses to Thursday Doors – The Protector!

  1. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    Street art can be really outstanding, and so is this one. Great shot!

    p.s. Thanks for popping by my blog. And yes, I do love snow because I get to play in it – winter sports/activities. 😀

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  2. lekkervurig says:

    Like Peter watching over the gates to heaven

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  3. travel460 says:

    Wat ń stuk kunswerk! Dis baie oorspronklik gedoen.


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