Thursday Doors – it’s Christmas Time!

Yes… indeed. So, I’m twisting Norm’s rules a tad… and doing my year-end recap… of sorts! Blame it on ignorance… blame it on whatever you want to… I just think as the last Thursday Doors post for the year I wanna be a little in the festive way! So, from us all here to you all there… Merry Christmas!!

If you’re wondering… yes, I’ve been busy on a few different fronts… that’s why I’ve not called around to your blogs as often as I should! Sorry! Blame it on the silly season…

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5 Responses to Thursday Doors – it’s Christmas Time!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    En hoe lyk die weer – gaan jou krismisbraai plaasvind in die reën hierdie jaar? Ek sien ons gaan donderweer hê, maar braai gaan ons braai. Geseënde feestyd vir julle daar.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie!! Lekker braai daar ook! Ons skyf bietjie die tradisie… nes julle daar maak!
      Blein baba braai, net vir vier van ons…. steak en wors, ja, boerewors!
      Dan… gaan die groot familie braai op oujaars dag gebeur! Ja… ek is ‘n ploert… sucker vir punishment! … maar kom wat wil… ons sal braai!
      Mag did net mooi gaan daar onder by julle, lekker partitjie gooi… droe bekke en al… ai, sies… ai shaaim! 😉

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  2. Rainee says:

    Hope you, your wife and family have a happy and a safe Christmas and lots of great moments in 2019!

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