Seaside Saturday – Would You??

Now… there’s a question… would you what?

My never-ending question… would you pay to hang one of my photos on your wall? Or… for that matter… would you, in this age of the internet… think it is good that you should get the photo at no cost? Cost – to who? There is always a cost associated with anything… I mean… it took me time to go out and find the image. As it took you time to appreciate the photo. So… does that make us quits?

I don’t have the answer… but I do know that it would be great if you hung any of my photos on your wall! Mind you… it would be great if you happen to click some button and 50 whatever’s landed in my retirement fund! That’s fifty of the lesser whatever’s (the cents/ pence/ dimes ect, ect… the day I expect $50 of these, or €50 of these… or maybe even £50 of these in my account for one photo… that will be an even greater day!) So… all I’m saying, if you like the photos, say so… I may even send on the RAW original…

Happy days… happy. Happy that we can be happy… about being happy!

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11 Responses to Seaside Saturday – Would You??

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Have you ever thought of something like ‘shutterstock’ for selling your photos? You can join them and have your photos ‘sold’ as stock photos. Number of hoops to jump through first. Just google if you want more information


  2. banactee says:

    Sorry, all our walls are already full … nice weekend!

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  3. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtige foto, AJ!

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  4. krcc says:

    Beautiful photo! Reminds me of Santa Monica, California.

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  5. That’s a beautiful capture! If I were the sort to hang photos on walls (confession: none of my walls have photos on them), I definitely would have hung this one 🙂

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