Friday’s Facts, Fiction and Feathers!

OK, OK… apologies first… sorry, I’ve been rather busy with stuff… so, I’ve been tardy in visiting your sites. Bad boy me, I know! Anyway… it’s Friday so, here’s the first Friday fact for the day… it is a calendar month since the big C day… have you any recollection of the day? Do you even remember who gave you gifts?

So… let’s begin with the fiction part of the post… here’s another fact – you can now get yourself your own hard-copy paperback of The Lucky Thirteen! Yep… that’s taken lots of time this week… but it was one of the plans I had in the back of my mind. It became a reality when Kindle made the formatting of paperback submissions so much easier! So… if you now click on the book logo in the right hand bar… it will take you to both options!

OK… time for the feathers… this is a photo taken in July last year… the seagull mobbing the duck… for a bit of bread!

Study? One module completed… the next one started… yes, slack!

More fiction facts? The second collection of short stories is almost ready… I promise!

OK… as always, happy Friday, I hope you didn’t overdo the work stuff and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

OH go on… go click on the image in the right hand bar… it looks like this!

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4 Responses to Friday’s Facts, Fiction and Feathers!

  1. Allshouse Designs says:

    I love Fridays! Hope your day goes as you vision it.

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  2. A month already. Time goes by so quickly. Happy Friday

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