Thursday Thought – Old Age…

Here’s a photo I took a few week’s ago… to get the cloud but also to capture a moment in time. Both the old gypsum factory and the boat have long passed their sell-by dates. We can only wonder how long they will grace the skyline… or, some may say, disgrace the skyline!

As an afterthought – the two boats have since been removed… to the boat bone-yard, I presume! Those were the days…

PS – And so… January 2019 disappears into the yonder past… goodbye, you weren’t too bad!

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7 Responses to Thursday Thought – Old Age…

  1. Net Ek says:

    Pragtige foto!

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  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Jy sien? Oud kan ook mooi wees. Dis ‘n awesome foto.

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  3. Prior... says:

    The photo is an awesome composition with the structures and the verticals and the content – so nice
    And such a short post also thought provoking – the month is gone and the way you connected it to the older boats and the very old with the current new year having one month down – very nice touch


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