Tuesday’s Trees and Tunes!

Yesterday I asked a question… which I’m going to repeat a few more days. Yes, I have a reason… so, here goes again…

… what do you understand by the term veteran

Interestingly, I’ve had answers from four different continents thus far! That makes the whole exercise more valid… and as I’ve already alluded, interesting!

So… now you’re wondering, why am I asking the question in today’s trees and tunes post? Is there a relevance? Yes… but the link will become apparent when I answer the question… with your help! So… please continue leaving replies… I promise, when I reveal my reason for asking the question the link will also be musically obvious!

Right… here’s today’s photo. When I spotted this tree I knew it would appear here… and the chain adds value, don’t you think? If it was my tree in my paddock, I’d also protect it as best I could!

So, a song to match? Chain or tree? I’ll give you this… you’ll get the connection… while loving the music!

Update – Hope Donovan’s Mellow Yellow isn’t popping up here… seems there may be a gremlin chewing away at the bowels of the blog…

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11 Responses to Tuesday’s Trees and Tunes!

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    And we have veteran trees!

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  2. Jason Horan says:

    Big yellow taxi? 1970? Vietnam?

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  3. banactee says:

    Very old cars (oldtimers) may be also called veterans. But I feat, you are looking for something else.

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  4. kunstkitchen says:

    Ah, Joni. she can really get to the point. Thanks for your post.

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  5. Prior... says:

    Hey aj – I am not too familiar with Joni Mitchell songs but I know of her iconic legend and know her name well- so this choice of her video gave me her personality and I am grateful for that –
    And in your tree photo – I see the chain on the trunk – and the teee behind it sure had some nice branches and a moody connection
    I will
    Not be back til later this week so will miss your announcement – and veterans to me are former military service folks or older people

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