Seaside Saturday – Them Stones!

Do all little boys like throwing stones?? No… don’t even bother giving it much thought… there will never be a definitive answer… seems toxic masculinity is hardwired from birth! You try telling this little lad that throwing stones is not a good idea… and see how far you get!

Just in case you’re wondering… he has a sister, she’s a year older… you won’t get her to pick up a pebble… according to her it’s all durty… yuck!! The breeze has to be just right… otherwise she won’t even step onto the sand… she’s very particular…

PS – Yes… if you’re wondering – he’s a lefty!

PPS – And… if you’re still wondering… yes, he looks for the biggest stones he can manage… small isn’t good!

PPPS – Yep… so much for raising that lil individual gender neutral!

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7 Responses to Seaside Saturday – Them Stones!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Ek is bevrees, klipgooiery is manlike instink! Dierbare foto!


  2. Ag dis te oulik!


  3. Thanks for this post, it made me smile, and think of my seaside walks back home.

    Liked by 1 person

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