Merry Monday – Riding the Wave!

Yep… it’s Monday… again! And we’ll all celebrate the event, for that it surely is! Mondays should be celebrated because they offer new opportunities… to set little targets for a fresh week! And… to think, by the end of the week we’ll be into the third month of the year! WoW… this year sure is flying by!

OK… enough pontificating about the flying time… today I also want to post a few reminders… and a BIG thank-you note! So, let me begin with the latter…

  • THANKS all of you for the kind wishes! I had a truly memorable day and weekend… and, just in case you don’t know yet… I’ve decided Friday was the first day of my midlife crisis! Yes…

Now… for the reminders…

  • Today – later, at about 08h00 Pacific West Coat time, my second collection of short stories – True Stories and Other Lies – will go on special – that’s the Kindle soft-copy version. Now, here’s a secret… if you buy the paperback version you also get the option of adding the Kindle for $0.99 too! So… all of you out there in the eastern hemisphere and EMEA… it may be best for you to hang on until tomorrow… then you’ll get it for $0.99… for the next few days…

  • The next point to remind you of… we’re working in the background on getting the Sandbag Times Radio working more regularly. At this point both Pablo and Jim just have too much on their plates… and I’m not fully up to speed with the controls yet… so, why don’t I suggest there will be a further announcement in about a week’s time?
  • As always… the good Indian folk who visit my blog – please see the page links above for the Hello India page… I really would like to have input from you about your take on the publishing scene in India… I’d love to sell more copies of my short stories there!

Right… that’s enough for one day… apart from sharing today’s photo… yes, riding the wave could be loads of fun… just as long as you don’t get washed away!

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Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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